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Bronx Window Tinting is a trustworthy auto tinting service in the Bronx, and the surrounding areas. Our team is consists of professionals who went through comprehensive training and have extensive years of experience. We are aware with every detail, processes, factors, and methods on how to achieve with a high-quality tinting job.

If you’re searching for a professional auto window tinting service, don’t think twice to get in touch with us! Our friendly customer service will listen to your inquiries immediately.



Everybody values privacy. We customize tints according to your level of satisfaction.

UV Protection

Window tinting blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It also reduces the heat inside the vehicle from 35-36%, and the chance of your luxurious interior fading.

Safety & Security

It is important to ensure that your personal belongings inside the car are not accessible to the eye of people who have bad intentions.


Nicely tinted windows that perfectly suit your car adds a stylish look to your vehicle.


Beautifying space with Residential Window Tinting or Commercial Window Tinting is as compelling as it is therapeutic. One of the most integral components you need to factor in is window tinting. It improves the overall aesthetic of your space and can extravagantly change its vibe and feel. But, before selecting what kind of window tint you’d like, you need to grasp the functionality of your area fully. 

Car Window Tint Installation

Bronx Window Tinting has the best team of experts who went through comprehensive training and have extensive years of experience in auto tinting. We have the prescribed skills, proper knowledge, and advanced methods to provide a high-quality window tinting service.

Tint Removal & Replacement

A time will come you will need to have your window tints removed and replaced. Perhaps it’s because your tints are damaged, or simply because it’s old and starting to show some cracks. We specialize in removal and installation of window films.


Trained & Experienced Professionals

Get the peace of mind knowing that you will have the best and highly-trained professionals. They are experts in any job that has done with auto window tinting. With extensive years of experience, we’ve advanced the methods and processes in order to finish with high-quality results.

Affordable & Reasonable Prices

Honesty is a big part of our reputation. We do not over charge our clients. We only give prices that are reasonable and as affordable as it can be.

Responsible & On time

We really value our relationship with our clients – this is why we abide by our responsibilities in keeping them satisfied by matching their expectations and accomplishing our work on time.

Clean Work

We treat your car like our own. As window tinting specialists, we do our work extra careful. We ensure to be attentive even to the smallest detail. Look forward to see your car looking neat and clean – no fingerprint markings, no bubbles on the tint, and other mess.


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