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When it comes to window tinting services, there is no one better to call other than Bronx Window Tinting. Our professionals work with extra care and finish with high-quality results.


We love to help people achieve their dream of having a much sleeker and modern looking property or cars. Simple window tinting can have a big impact on a property’s appearance – now that’s just one of the many benefits!

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Commercial Window Tinting

Our clients can also experience the advantages of window film installation that are realized by our residential window tinting clients. The same concerns as to UV rays, privacy, heat & glare, and energy use are all usual, all the time in commercial places. A lot of our commercial window tinting clients want to be socially responsible by operating as “clean” as they could. They have high concerns related to protecting their property. They want to give a productive and comfortable working environment for their staff by keeping the atmosphere comfortable.

Our window film & tinting products provide comfort in all of these areas including adding to the beauty both inside and out of commercial buildings. Modern technology has increased the use of glass on interiors of buildings. This brings many choices for the installation of window film inclusive of conference rooms, engraved films on doors, and decorative film.

A critical benefit of window security film is the protection brought against broken glass. It will not protect against burglary and vandalism, however it will sure slow them down. Even accidental causes through natural disasters like typhoons and hurricanes. Although window film won’t completely prevent glass breakage, it can contain the damage keeping clear of glass from falling or flying out. It provides a barrier that prevents break-in and protects your business.

Commercial window tinting in the Bronx can save money and make the working environment more beautiful. Even if its to provide for a more comfortable work area or save on cooling costs, rely on Bronx Window Tinting, your commercial window tinting experts.

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Residential Window Tinting

Home window tinting not only guards against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Some other benefits include increased energy savings, safeguarding furniture, eliminating bothersome glare, increased privacy, minimizing damage during a window break, and gives a decorative edge.

Commercial Window Tinting

Whether your office or a modest store front is a 10-story building, window tinting is a necessity in today’s world, and especially in the Bronx, and the surrounding areas. Putting window film on your office glass can have emotional, financial, and environmental impacts on the livelihood.

Car Window Tint Installation

Bronx Window Tinting has the best team of experts who went through comprehensive training and have extensive years of experience in auto tinting. We have the prescribed skills, proper knowledge, and advanced methods to provide a high-quality window tinting service.

Auto Tint Removal

A time will come you will need to have your window tints removed and replaced. Perhaps it’s because your tints are damaged, or simply because it’s old and starting to show some cracks. Bronx Window Tinting are specialized in removal and installation of window films.


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