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The experts at Bronx Window Tinting are dedicated to resolving all your window tint installation needs. We specialize in the installation of automotive, residential, and commercial films. If you’re looking for professional service and to be treated like family, then you have come to the right place! Our ultimate goal is to provide you a top-notch experience. No matter the job size, and no matter how unique and customized, we can take it.

Our Services

Residential Window Tinting

Home window tinting not only guards against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Some other benefits include increased energy savings, safeguarding furniture, eliminating bothersome glare, increased privacy, minimizing damage during a window break, and gives a decorative edge.

Commercial Window Tinting

Whether your office or a modest store front is a 10-story building, window tinting is a necessity in today’s world, and especially in the Bronx, and the surrounding areas. Putting window film on your office glass can have emotional, financial, and environmental impacts on the livelihood.

Car Window Tint Installation

Bronx Window Tinting has the best team of experts who went through comprehensive training and have extensive years of experience in auto tinting. We have the prescribed skills, proper knowledge, and advanced methods to provide a high-quality window tinting service.

Auto Tint Removal

A time will come you will need to have your window tints removed and replaced. Perhaps it’s because your tints are damaged, or simply because it’s old and starting to show some cracks. Bronx Window Tinting are specialized in removal and installation of window films.


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