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Protection With Style

Preserving the look of our vehicles is an expected aspect of being car owners for many of us. Perhaps you are:

  • A detail-oriented enthusiast.
  • A cautious lessee hoping to keep your monthly payments low.
  • One of the growing numbers of people who rarely drive to work anymore because of a change in their work schedule.

Where you land on that spectrum will determine how much time and money you are willing to devote and whether or not a pricey ceramic coating is worth it.

Among the many possibilities, ceramic coating is preferred by car owners because of its durability. A ceramic coating acts like a hard shell, protecting the paint from environmental hazards, including water stains, road filth, and bird droppings. Simply giving them a short rinse will make them effortlessly disappear.

And that’s where we get to our next cool term: hydrophobic. While the word “phobic” usually carries a negative connotation, it is being used in a very positive sense. There will be less potential for mineral deposits and grime to damage the paint surface thanks to the hydrophobic layer created by the ceramic coating.

Kits for ceramic coating can be purchased for less than $100, but the time and effort required for thorough preparation can drive the price much higher. Before applying the layer, you should painstakingly buff the paint to remove any swirls, scratches, or discoloration, as the coating will amplify these flaws. Experts say that’s true even for brand-new cars that have just been driven off the dealer’s lot because the automatic car wash they went through probably damaged the paint slightly.

It helps explain why having a ceramic coating applied to your car by a professional can cost you a hefty fund. The typical DIY job is not something you should try on a high-priced vehicle or any cars to prevent unintentional mishaps that could cost more to fix.

Backup Cameras

If your car doesn't currently have a backup electronic camera (rearview video camera), it's more than likely that your following brand-new cars and truck will. Rearview mirrors have actually been a vital item of car tools for greater than a century.

Car Audio

EMS Auto is the greatest in the business at making your vehicle sound far better than anyone's car! Our car audio service technicians can set up the gizmo, repair malfunctioning components, upgrade existing systems, or establish a whole bundle to your specific needs,

Car Detailing

EMS Auto gives mobile automobile describing services throughout Bronx, New York! Until today, our goal has been to go beyond all assumptions and supplies the most effective solution possible to our clients. We use the best items in the industry that are risk-free.

Ceramic Coating

Are you tired of giving your dirty vehicle yet another bath? Do water spots, dust, and gunk hang on to your car? Ceramic Coating is your solution. It includes extra protection to your auto's exterior and helps preserve it looking new with rather very little upkeep.

Clear Bra

We've been installing protective film for auto owners right here in Bronx, New York. Our goal is to provide you with the exceptional possible service and well worth in clear paint protection. We are a firm with a group of expertly, experienced professionals, we do not depend on high prices to raise our quality.

Radar Systems

Radar sensing units are presently being presented in today's autos to stay clear of important scenarios and minimize the main reason for crashes. EMS Auto offers a range of market-leading radar systems that supply a broad selection of effective safety functions.

Remote Starters

Want to enhance your convenience and comfort? Remote starters are made keeping that in mind. Having the capacity to heat up the auto in the winter season or cool off in the summertime while you proceed with your daily jobs makes handling your car a desire.

Car Window Tint Installation

Bronx Auto Tinting has the best team of experts who went through comprehensive training and have extensive years of experience in auto tinting. We have the required skills, proper knowledge, and perfected methods to offer a high-quality window tinting service.

Auto Tint Removal & Replacement

A time will come you will need to have your window tints removed and replaced. Maybe it's because your tints are damaged, or simply because it's old and it's starting to show some cracks. Bronx Auto Tinting are experts in removal and installation of window films.


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