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Beat the Heat: How to Block Heat From Home Windows

As summer approaches, many property owners are seeking for strategies to keep their structures cool without turning up their air conditioning systems. In both household and business settings, it’s extremely likely that windows will be a consistent supply of heat.

Gain in Solar Heat

The quantity of heat that enters a structure through windows and other openings as a result of solar radiation from the sun is referred to as solar heat gain. Building components like walls, flooring, and furniture can absorb this heat, which can add to the building’s total temperature. Excessive solar heat gain throughout the summer or in warmer areas can be uncomfortable and even raise cooling costs. Consequently, controlling solar heat gain is a crucial component of energy-efficient building design. Let’s discuss some actions you may do to more effectively control solar heat gain in your house or place of business.

Blinds Window 

Blinds are a common option for obstructing sunlight and maintaining seclusion. They are an easy way to manage lighting and are frequently used in homes and offices. But there’s no denying that your typical blinds are inadequate for reducing heat. Even blackout blinds and heat-rejecting solutions are available, but due to their high cost and unattractiveness, these are often less popular. Not to mention that it may be challenging to find blinds that will fit your space depending on the size and shape of your window. In the end, blinds tend to compromise natural light and aesthetics while providing only partial sun control.


Another choice for controlling window light and privacy is to use curtains. But it all depends on the product you pick when it comes to shielding against the heat of the sun. Consider using blackout curtains or drapes with heat-rejecting qualities for best results. However, curtains often fall short of providing a complete solution for heat regulation, just like blinds do. They raise the same problem with natural light: why can’t we have solar control and sunlight naturally?

Window Films

A good window tint has much more power than window coverings like blinds and curtains, which only give a modest amount of heat management. A window film that has been expertly put in can significantly reduce your cooling expenses since it has a reflective surface that reflects more of the sun’s infrared energy. Films can also take care of other window problems including bothersome glares and furniture fading in addition to heat control.

Window films, as opposed to blinds and shades, let you take advantage of natural light while shielding your house from heat and dangerous UV rays.

Solar Films in Business Environments

For business premises, window films can work miracles. For starters, they can help you save tens of thousands of dollars on energy bills, particularly in cities with hot summers and chilly winters like the Bronx.

However, the sun’s rays will heat up the office during the day, generating an uncomfortable work atmosphere and an undesirable energy bill. Your staff probably enjoy natural sunlight for keeping productive. The secret to lowering solar heat and delivering obvious energy savings is a high-quality window film.

The chance to observe breathtaking views is another way that window films for your commercial property can be beneficial. Large-scale vistas of the surrounding landscape are a wonderful reward of employment for many people. Using shades or drapes to block this can make working less enjoyable.

It can be difficult to keep comfortable in the office during the summer. In really hot climates, this is true. This simply makes things worse for your workers when the sun is beating down on them. You and your staff can be more comfortable all day by investing in heat-rejecting window films. This has the potential to reduce stress, but it can also reduce distractions and boost team productivity. 

Solar Screens in Residential Environments

They’re a terrific investment for residential homes in addition to installing window films at the office. This is especially true for windows that face south or west and gets direct sunshine for a number of hours each day. Your home’s interior should significantly change after having high-quality solar film installed. Less sun radiation, improved energy efficiency, and even cheaper cooling costs will all be experienced. Additionally, this may result in your air conditioner running less frequently, putting less stress on your system and possibly extending the lifespan of your HVAC machine. High-quality movies help you keep your house cool as you take advantage of the sunlight.

Offering Temperature Control Also During the Winter!

Looking for security throughout the entire year? Buildings can benefit greatly from window films throughout the colder months as well. Window films can assist in preventing heat loss, which can be a substantial cause of energy loss during the winter, by giving an additional layer of insulation to your windows. Your house or place of business will feel great all year long with the correct window film installed! 

Window Films from 3M

Window films can be the answer for you if you’re sick of feeling the heat from your south-facing windows or you’re seeking an energy-efficient approach to let more light in. The Bronx Window Tinting provides expert installation of 3M films, among the best available today. Leading producer of energy-efficient window coverings, 3M has been creating top-of-the-line window films for many years.

Unlike alternative materials, 3M products offer protection from both heat and cold. This enables you to maintain comfort and enjoy your windows’ beauty all year long. Even better, 3M films come with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring your investment in a long-lasting tinting solution and your project’s peace of mind.

Put Your Window Film Installation in the Hands of Experts

Professional installation services are essential to a high-quality, long-lasting tinting project, in addition to the greatest pricing on the best films. By hiring a skilled installer, you can be confident that the window films are applied correctly and deliver the required benefits. Professional installers have access to specific tools and equipment that can accelerate, safeguard, and improve the accuracy of the installation process. Additionally, hiring an expert to walk you through your options will help you choose a tinting solution that meets all of your requirements. 

Options for The Bronx Window Tinting  Window Film

The Bronx Window Tinting is the name you can rely on if you’re interested in window film for your residence or place of business in the Bronx. Our experience and level of customer service speak for themselves when it comes to the superior window film installation services we provide in the Bronx region. We are dedicated to assisting you in locating the ideal 3M window film for your particular requirements and carry a variety of 3M window films.

Here are a few of our most popular window film selections:


Sun Control Window Film from 3M The Ceramic Series is a fantastic window covering option. This premium movie blocks up to 80% of the sun’s infrared rays, keeping your family cool. This puts you at ease while consuming less air conditioning! Another advantage is that it keeps your furniture looking fantastic. While UV radiation can fade your chairs, tables, and other furnishings, 3M’s ceramic film provides the protection to keep these items looking wonderful! You can rely on the film’s scratch-resistant surface, which erects a solid wall while guaranteeing unobstructed vistas.

The Bronx Window Tinting will assist you if you’re interested in 3M’s ceramic film for your residence or place of business. We can quickly install this film at your home so you can start enjoying the advantages!


The 3M Sun Control Prestige Series is a terrific choice because it is one of the best window films for preventing heat buildup and achieving long-lasting comfort. A window film from 3M Prestige has a layered design and nanotechnology to provide a strong barrier against the sun. More than 200 wafer-thin film layers are really stacked on top of one another in this proprietary method. This produces a window coating that is both thin and high-quality, blocking solar rays while still letting in a ton of natural light. The Prestige Series also offers you a variety of alternatives to suit your particular requirements. With the 3M Prestige Series, you can have it all—more effective windows, better privacy, and superior looks!

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