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Top 2023 Automotive Window Tinting and Windshield Upgrade Trends

The window tinting industry has grown at an exponential rate throughout the years. For a variety of reasons, an increasing number of people are seeking the services of window tinting professionals.

Some people like tinted windows because they provide improved protection and privacy by making it more difficult for others to see into a car. Others like tinted windows because they keep damaging UV rays out of your vehicle and avoid a greenhouse effect inside your vehicle, allowing your AC system to work as efficiently as possible.

Whatever your reason for considering auto window tinting for your own vehicle, we’re here to tell you what the latest trends in window tinting are for 2023, so you can stay current while keeping your ride private and cool, even during the hottest months of the year.

Tinting Ceramic Windows

Ceramic window tints are created from thin sheets of tinted material that are coated with ceramic particles that deflect UV radiation away from your vehicle.

This implies that your car will stay cooler and you will be protected from UV rays while driving (yes, even if your windows are closed!)

Because it minimizes glare when driving on sunny days, ceramic window tint can help keep you safer while driving. Indeed, it can keep you safe at night by decreasing glare from headlights in vehicles and increasing visibility.

While ceramic tints are excellent for lowering glare and making your car’s air conditioner function more efficiently, they do not provide as much privacy as other forms of window tint.

Window Tinting Using Carbon

Carbon tinting film is comparable to ceramic, but it has an added layer of effectiveness due to the incorporation of carbon particles into the film. These particles help keep even more heat out of your vehicle than other forms of film, without the risk for cell signal interference that metalized window tint can give.

Carbon window tinting is also becoming more popular in 2023, owing to its distinct matte appearance that distinguishes it from other varieties of window tinting film.

Window Tinting with a Hybrid System

As the name suggests, hybrid window tinting film is a blend of metalized and dyed window tints that provides the benefits of both. It keeps the sun’s glare and heat out of your vehicle while also looking excellent.

However, hybrid film contains metalized particles that may interfere with your cell signal!

Window Tinting Using Crystalline

Although crystalline window tinting does not grow as black as other forms of window tinting film, it is still superior at deflecting heat and UV rays away from your vehicle. It’s composed of a multilayered film with 200 layers, but it’s still exceedingly thin–thinner than a Post-It note, according to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, because it is non-metallized, there is no risk of your tint interfering with your electronics. Because it is lighter than other varieties of tinting film, it is more likely to comply with your local window tinting rules.

Where Can I Get My Windows Tinted?

If you’re looking for quality window tinting installation in 2023, go no further than Bronx Window Tinting. We provide all types of window tinting, allowing you to select the choice that best suits your taste, budget, and vehicle. 
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