How To Repair Car Paint Chips In 6 Steps

How To Repair Car Paint Chips In 6 Steps

All of us have been there. One day, you’re driving a perfect car down the highway. Then, all of a sudden, your car’s flawless paint develops an unattractive chip. Gravel, rocks, and other road debris that your wheels kick up generate stone chips. They leave behind tiny, localized dents that might harm the paint of your car and decrease its market value.

So what should a motorist do? Should you attempt to remove the stone chip on your own or should you get a professional to do it?

Bronx Window Tinting’s professionals are available to offer you advice. This is all the information you need to fix stone chips on your car.


The solution is always straightforward. Always touch up any paint scratches on your car. Better would be sooner. The chips may appear to be simple cosmetic flaws, but they can cause expensive harm, such as rust.

Luckily, drivers in the Bronx don’t need to be concerned with ocean-related accelerated corrosion. To increase your car’s market value, keep it looking good, and avoid further harm, you should restore chipped auto paint. When returning a leased vehicle to the dealership, you should also fix any chips.


The next query you might have is “How much does it cost to fix stone chips?

If you take your automobile to a mechanic, the cost of repairs will probably run you $50 to $60. The time and complexity of the repairs have a significant impact on the cost.

The assurance that the chip was correctly repaired is the finest benefit of taking your car to a professional. But, if you want to cut costs, you might want to think about repairing yourself.

Costs for automotive paint chip repair kits range from $20 to $40. Avoid being persuaded to purchase the cheapest kit you can find. This will lower the repair’s quality.

Be careful to purchase a multi-part kit that includes everything you need, from sealant to paint, if you decide to try a DIY paint chip repair.


It takes time, careful attention to detail, and a steady touch to fix a stone paint chip. Here are six easy steps for fixing a stone chip.

  1. Use soap and water to scrub the area you’re planning to repair thoroughly. Alcohol should be applied to clean the region of any grease or accumulation. Dry off the area.

  2. The raised borders surrounding the paint chip should be sanded down. Avoid rubbing too firmly. Your car’s clear coat may be harmed by this.

  3. To the chip, apply primer. Either a paint pen or a brush is included in each kit.

  4. Apply the paint next. Don’t simply paint it on in big globs, though. Apply tiny coats to mimic the original paint on your car. Before adding the next layer, let the paint dry. Avoid letting it spill onto any nearby, undamaged places.

  5. Use wet sandpaper to carefully sand the paint once it has dry to level it with the surrounding paint. For smaller pieces, wrap the sandpaper around the pencil’s eraser end. Observe patience!

  6. Apply the top coat last to protect the repairs. Give it time to dry.


Consider placing paint protection film (PPF) on your car if you want to prevent the inconvenience of stone paint chipping. As a result, a robust barrier of defense against chips, scratches, swirl marks, and other damages is produced.

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