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02.1 - window tint trends for the future

Window Tinting Trends for the Future

If you own a window tinting company, you are well aware of how quickly things may change. In our world, there are some highly creative people, and it seems that new methods are always being considered. As window tinting experts utilize the most recent technology advancements, window tinting tools are also always improving. Not to mention the actual window film itself! Film producers regularly create captivating new works that excel in both performance and aesthetics.

It makes sense to stay one step ahead of the curve as 2022 approaches. By offering your consumers the most cutting-edge solutions, you can develop your business more successfully this year as a result of the amazing trends that the market is seeing. Additionally, being current with fashion merely makes things more fascinating! Your work will be less dull and you’ll be able to maintain your love for this quickly evolving business if you change things up every year and attempt new things.

Maintaining Your Routine During Those Slow Months

During the lean months, window tinting professionals frequently struggle to generate revenue. Winter is typically a quiet time of year for window tinting because of the rain, snow, bad weather, and shorter days. While some tinters decide to completely close their businesses and take a holiday, others look for alternative sources of revenue. That in and of itself is nothing new, but tinters in 2022 are looking into fresh approaches to solve this issue.

PPF is a supplement service that tint companies are offering that is gaining popularity. Paint Protection Film has a smaller relationship with the weather, and demand for this service is rising. Whether it’s an expensive sports car or a family minivan, many people want to safeguard their vehicles as much as they can. Additionally, there is not much of a learning curve with PPF installation compared to window tinting.

With the help of vinyl-related items, many tinters are also developing lucrative side enterprises. Making the switch to this side business is pretty simple because many establishments these days already have a plotter. Plotters make it simple to generate a variety of vinyl products, including bespoke t-shirts, signage, and car decals. Even starting a successful business creating personalized mugs with vinyl patterns is possible.


Speaking of plotters, window tinting shops are using them more and more frequently these days. The majority of people agree that plotters make life much easier, despite the fact that there are still a few holdouts who want to continue hand-cutting. This technology is becoming more widely used and less expensive. Plotters come in a wide range of styles, from basic, affordable machines to sophisticated, feature-rich options. A basic plotter may now be purchased by even a small tinting business, and doing so can be highly profitable. Plotters have the potential to increase efficiency, accelerate the workflow, and provide more accurate final products when used appropriately.

Protective Film

As 2022 approaches, you might start hearing whispers of purportedly “bulletproof film.” Additionally, this item is offered for sale as “ballistic film,” “bullet-resistant glazing,” and other names that sound similar. The reality is that most of these items are worthless, and they make perilous claims to uninformed clients. A thin polymer coating will not, under any circumstances, be able to stop a bullet. That’s how easy it is. It is not possible to “upgrade” regular glass to make it bulletproof; instead, bullet resistant glass must be made from the ground up using an extremely time-consuming and expensive procedure.

Having said that, security film is a genuine thing, and it can provide users a lot of advantages. In fact, as people’s concerns about robbers, school shooters, riots, protestors, and similar threats increase, the market for security films is gradually expanding. You may be aware of this rising demand if you own a flat glass-focused window tinting service. If not, it might be something to look into later.

Wise Windows

Although smart windows have entered the market, we’re still waiting for them to have a significant influence. Since a few years ago, businesses like Apple have been experimenting with smart windows, and the technology exists. The basic idea is straightforward: When you push a button, your windows change from being tinted to being untinted right before your eyes. Between the layers of glass, the window has circuitry, and cholesteric liquid crystals can alter the shade of the glass.

These movable smart windows might eventually be operated by the driver by pushing a button, or they could be linked to an AI system that detects the light conditions and automatically modifies the tint level as a result.

Photostable Glass

While photochromic window film has been around for a while, it is a less sophisticated technology that can also actively alter the tint level on windows. The same process is employed in the eyewear business to produce transition lenses. The window film automatically darkens to make driving more comfortable when exposed to UV rays and sunlight. Although this is nothing new, in 2022 consumers will be looking for more intriguing and distinctive window tint alternatives, which will increase the demand for these films.

Final Reflections

As you can see, the window film sector is seeing a lot of fascinating advances. By taking advantage of these trends, you can continue to provide your clients with distinctive and useful services while keeping your work enjoyable and engaging. In any competitive market, including this one, staying one step ahead of the curve is always a wise move.

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