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7 Mistakes with Tinting Windows to Avoid for Car Owners

7 Mistakes with Tinting Windows to Avoid for Car Owners

Knowing what could obstruct your progress is necessary for correctly tinting your car’s windows. The following window-tinting errors should be avoided by car owners.

Consider tinting the windows of your car. If so, you made a wise decision because window tinting does much more for your car than just making it seem trendy.

What is window tint, first and foremost? It’s a thin film layer that is typically applied to the interior of a car’s windows. Window tint, like sunglasses, offers privacy and lessens glare, which improves driving safety.

Additionally shielding you from dangerous UV radiation is window tint. These rays can harm your health and pass through transparent windows. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved by applying the appropriate tint.

Want to steer clear of window-tinting blunders? This guide will assist you in recognizing them and instruct you on what to do in their place.

1. Ignorance of Local Laws

Local regulations governing window tinting exist in every state. These restrictions could relate to the kind of tint you can use and the types of windows you can tint.

For instance, Florida has very precise regulations regarding tint darkness. If you drive a sedan, the rear windows must let in more light than 15%. When it comes to SUVs and vans, the threshold is 6%.

Florida has tight laws regarding tint reflection. Backside windows must be more reflective than 35%, and front-side windows cannot be more reflective than 25%. There are certain exceptions, but you’re not allowed to employ unique tints.

2. Choosing the Wrong Kind of Tint 

Every kind of window tint has its advantages. However, some tint kinds perform particular tasks better than others.

Because of this, window tinting is all about your requirements and worries. Do you want to shield yourself from UV radiation and keep your automobile from feeling like an oven during the summer? Find a color that excels at reflecting heat if that’s the case.

Naturally, reflective hues are frequently more expensive. Focus on movies with a high tint percentage if privacy is your primary concern. These tints are frequently less expensive and simpler to install.

3. Selecting the least expensive option

When it comes to window tinting prices, going with the lowest choice is never a good idea. The fact is that low-cost tints are that way for a reason.

To begin with, cheap tints aren’t very long-lasting. After a few weeks of use, many of these goods will start to tear off. Do you really want to stress out every time you roll down your window about the tint coming off?

Window tint should generally be thought of as an investment. Although a high-quality tint may be an expensive one-time investment, it will probably last for years. In contrast, constantly replacing less expensive tints could end up costing you more.

4. Self-application of Window Tint

Window tinting may appear straightforward to a novice eye. The tint just needs to be placed over a window and cut up, right?

Wait a minute! This DIY project is probably doomed if you don’t have at least some experience tinting windows. It’s likely that you’ll waste most or all of your film or damage your car’s glass.

Even if the installation appears to go smoothly, issues could arise later. An improperly put film, for instance, is more prone to bubble. While some bubbles eventually disappear, others—particularly bigger ones—might not.

Leave it to the pros if you want the work done well. You won’t need to replace your windows or tint, and you’ll receive better results. Of course, if you choose the appropriate business to work with, which leads us to…

5. Working with a novice business

Although many businesses provide window tinting services, they are not experts in it. It’s typically an added benefit for their primary services, like auto repairs.

These businesses are capable of performing the job well, but why take a chance? Hiring a tinting specialist makes it much simpler to guarantee flawless work. These firms are fully aware of all applicable legislation and have the best tools available.

Consider the companies’ experience when researching potential employers. Look up their reviews on both their official website and independent review sites like Yelp. Another excellent resource to look into is the Better Business Bureau.

6. Failing to Take Precautions

There are several safety precautions you should take whether you choose a business to install the tint or do it yourself. If not, you might have to repeat it soon.

Before adding the tint, your windows must first be clean and dry. Any imperfections will become apparent as the film develops over a glass. Additionally, dirty glass has an unpleasant feeling that may hasten the fading of the color.

Give the film a couple of days to dry and adhere to the glass after installation is finished. It’s crucial to take all reasonable precautions to preserve the film’s integrity during that time because it will be at its most delicate.

It’s recommended to keep your windows rolled up during this time. Avoid going to a car wash because the water and washing can ruin the coating. In a similar vein, if rain is forecast for your location, park the car in the garage.

7. Lack of a warranty

Ask for a warranty if you are having your windows tinted by a professional. Even while such advice might seem apparent, many car owners seem to ignore it.

A warranty demonstrates how seriously a tinting business takes its job. If a business doesn’t provide a guarantee, they probably don’t have faith in the caliber of its work. That raises a big red flag!

Ensure that you review the warranty to determine what is covered. A solid warranty should offer defense against all types of deterioration, including peeling and bubbling. It should ideally be valid for the entire life of your car.

Avoid These Errors When Window Tinting

Window tinting is one of the nicest things you can do for your car overall. That is only true, of course, if the task is done correctly the first time. To learn what mistakes you should avoid while tinting windows, read the preceding tutorial.

Interested in having your car’s window tint professionally installed or removed? Our professionals at any Bronx Window Tinting can handle any of your tint-related needs! Get your cost estimate for free right now!


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