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02.1 - knowledge of tinting

Knowledge of Bronx Window Tinting

We’ve had more inquiries in the last year regarding the Bronx Window Tinting legislation and how it impacts our company, so we wanted to go into more information about the law to make it clearer to our clients.

According to state legislation, you cannot lower light transmission via your rear windshield and windows to less than 32% net VLT unless you have requested a medical exemption. Visible light transmission, or VLT, measures the amount of visible light that can pass through glass after applying a coating.

The rear windshield and glass cannot have a light reflectance increase of greater than 20%. If an officer stops you from breaking one of these rules, you’ll face a misdemeanor charge and a fine of up to $500. This regulation applies to passenger vehicles as the United States government defines them, with exceptions for MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicles), which include trucks and SUVs. For instance:

  • It is prohibited to apply any film to the sides or back of passenger cars that reduce light transmission to less than 32%.
  • The rear windows of SUVs, trucks, and minivans may have any percentage applied to them behind the passenger and driver front doors.

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